Features: Introduction
    SUPERPRO/i3070 ISP programmer is developed based on IS01 universal ISP programmer. It is designed as a utility card of Agilent i3070 ICT System. Its features are very similar with Xeltek stand-alone universal ISP programmer Superpro® /IS01. In fact, it shares the same project files with IS01.Under control of i3070 system software user can fulfill ISP tasks easily.

    Hardware Specifications
  • 1) Supports ISP programming of devices with I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC, RS232 and any other serial port.
  • 2) Cable driver circuit supports target devices of voltage level 1.5-5V and is ESD protected.
  • 3) USB 2.0 (high speed) for PC interface.
  • 4) Over-current and ESD protection for the ISP port.

    Software Specifications
  • 1) Supports almost all devices with ISP interface.
  • 2) Supports Jam and Staple files from ACTEL and ALTERA; Direct C files from ACTEL.
  • 3) Programming speed selectable (High, Normal and Low) for complicated applications such as different cable lengths, different target load characters.
  • 4) Dynamic buffer function. Application examples include device S/N, MAC address, frequency or transducer calibration etc.
  • 5) API and DLL provided for easy integration into customers’ system like ICT and ATE.
  • 6) Supports features for multiple units to work concurrently controlled by embedded USB HUB.

    Device Updates Xeltek updates software and device algorithm regularly. Xeltek provide standard algorithms free. STANDARD means it’ s valid only for those target board that are well designed to meet the ISP requirements. Xeltek also provide customer specific algorithms at reasonable charge.

    Warranty Programmer is warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for one year from the date of purchase.

  • All orders received before noon Beijing Time will begin processing the same business day.

    Device Updates:
  • XELTEK updates software and device algorithm regularly.
  • View the latestDevice List .
  • Download the current software version free of charge .
  • Updates are available by mail at a nominal charge.
  • XELTEK also adds devices upon customer's request at its option.

    Warranty Support:
  • Programmer is warranted to be free of manufacturing or workmanship defects for one year from the date of purchase. 
  • Online Technical Support is also available 24 hours or you may call us during our business hours through Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm (Beijing Time).

  • Hardware & Electrical Specifications:
  • Supported devices:
  • Packages supported:
  • PC interface: 2.0
  • Stand-alone Feature: None
  • Electrical spec. of the AC adapter: AC input 90V to 250V, 50/60Hz, DC output ; power:W
  • Mechanical parameter: Main unit: Size: mm Weight: Kg.
  • Packing Box: Size mm Weight: Kg.

  • Accessories:

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